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7th Annual UCI Skin Symposium

Date: February 9, 2024


Dive into the forefront of skin research at our 7th Annual Skin Research Symposium!  Engage with 8 leading experts from around the world as they share groundbreaking research insights, skin health breakthroughs and innovative treatments.



2023-2024 Distinguished Speaker Series



Tiffany Scharschmidt, MD, PhD
UC San Francisco

Date: October 27, 2023




William Damsky, MD, PhD
Yale School of Medicine

Date: January 26, 2024




Yulia Schwartz, PhD
University of Southern California

Date: February 23, 2024




Maryam Asgari, MD, MPH
Harvard Cancer Center

Date: April 5, 2024





George Sen, PhD
University of California, San Diego
Date: April 24, 2024




Crystal Aguh, MD
Hopkins Medicine
Date: May 3, 2024


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Types of Events

We sponsor 7-10 monthly lectures over the year, including several from distinguished scientists in skin biology/disease from outside UC Irvine. These lectures are coordinated with the Department of Dermatology Grand Rounds to enable these speakers to additionally present a lecture to the more clinically-oriented Dermatology Faculty. This program brings in leading skin biologists for the benefit of the Center research community and the skin disease community at UC Irvine.

2023-2024 Distinguished Speakers Series


As a major visible program throughout campus, we continue the day-long Annual Symposium on Skin Biology and Disease. This annual event started with a symposium supported by the Stem Cell Center, on Clinical Translation of Stem Cell Approaches to Skin Biology and Disease in 2015. In 2017, through additional support from the Department of Dermatology and corporate sponsors, we were able to continue with the yearly Skin Symposium. The symposium is attended by 100-150 people from all areas of Southern California, from Los Angeles to San Diego. The next symposium will be held on February 9, 2024, with the following speakers.


Past Events

Past Annual UCI Skin Symposiums

The past UCI Skin symposiums drew speakers (and virtual attendees) from around the world to showcase the most current developments in skin research.  This all-day event provides a platform for experts to exchange groundbreaking insights and discoveries in the study of skin.  It fosters international collaboration and keeps professionals at the forefront of skin-related advancements.

Annual Skin Symposium 2023

Annual Skin Symposium 2022

Annual Skin Symposium 2021

Annual Skin Symposium 2020



Past Distinguished Seminar Speaker Series

Throughout the past academic years, UCI Skin hosted a series of Friday seminars from 11 to 12pm, featuring guest speakers from various institutions.  The seminars are open to all interested individuals and offer a great chance to gain inspiration from the work of others, stay informed about the latest advancements, and engage with influential researchers on a global scale.

2022-2023 Distinguished Speaker Series

2021-2022 Distinguished Speaker Series

2020-2021 Distinguished Speaker Series

2019-2020 Distinguished Speaker Series




UCI Skin Club

The UCI Skin club is an ongoing weekly meeting where Center laboratories meet to learn about new findings in other laboratories and to exchange scientific ideas; this activity was started in 2015. In every meeting, a member of a group presents their work followed by discussion. In some cases, we invite other scientists with findings relevant to the work of the Center to present their work in this forum. With the institution of the P30 Center, we now have representatives from each Core in these meetings which will enhance our abilities to implement multidisciplinary approaches to the skin biology work. This meeting, held at the end of day, closes with a social hour where trainees and laboratory personnel have a chance to intermingle in a relaxed environment. As trainees from all Center member laboratories present in skin club, this venue is highly suited for the Center directors to exert leadership by recognizing opportunities to engineer collaborations with genomics and other fields, and integration through systems biology.